Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Krishnagiri Veera Kattu Anjaneyar Temple


A city that is located very close to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
People speak Tamil, Telugu and Kannada prominently even though it is within Tamilnadu.
The city has rich and prominent presence from history period to today. It is located in the Golden Quadrilateral Highway, famous for Mangoes and granite.

Kattu Veera Anjaneyar temple is located on very close to NH in lush green fields.
During the period of Krishnadevaraya, to propagate Vaishnavisam, Anjaneyar sculptures were made in the rocks. The main deity Anjeyanar belongs during this period. With continuous patronage of the people and steady flow of contributions a full fledged temple has been built with Goddess Lakshmi, Venkatachalapathy and Sudashanar.

During a visit of Siddhar from Tiruvannamalai to the temple in 1990's stated that people who have unfulfilled desires/wishes, can pray to god by wrapping a coconut in a red cloth along with betel leaf offering, so that their wish will be fulfilled within 3 days, 3 weeks or within 3 months.

A lot such offerings can be seen within the temple. During full moon day and no moon day special poojas are performed. Whenever I am at Krishnagiri, I make it sure that I make a visit to the temple.

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